Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice, Ireland

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Formation, News, Other Branch News

This video, produced by Vincentian Family Ireland, describes the mission of the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice, established in 1995. They work in four main areas: Active Citizenship/Voter Education, establishment of Minimum Essential Standard of Living (providing research, data, and resources on the minimum income that people agree no one should live below), Vincentian Advocacy, and networking with other organisations which are committed to the promotion of justice and to working for social and economic justice.

For more about the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice, visit this web page.

Visit the new website of the Vincentian Family in Ireland at

Sr. Claire McKiernan, DC, of the National Council Vincentian Family Ireland, says “Thank you to Mark Brady our videographer whose skill, creativity, and commitment to this project has been outstanding.”


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