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Articles for Vincentian Family Branches

Who You Calling a Vincentian”?

Who is a VIncentian? Is it an organization, a mindset, a federation of religious organizations? Let me suggest that it is a way of looking at things shared by a number of people.

Historic Meeting of Over 100 Branches of the Vincentian Family

For the first time, Superiors and Presidents of the more than 150 branches that make up the Vincentian Family will meet in Rome, Italy from January 8 to 12, 2020.

The Vincentian Family as a Movement

Visitors to the Vincentian Family website are obviously familiar with the concept of the Vincentian Family. But how many of us think of the Vincentian Family as a Movement?

Is the Vincentian Family up to collaboration?

It will be difficult to collaborate with other followers of Vincent and Louise if we don’t know who they are

How large is the Vincentian Family?

I recently saw the following statistics...  The Congregation of the Mission numbers some 3,200 priests, brothers and deacons. They serve in 85 countries on all continents and are structured into  50 provinces and vice provinces, as well as four regions (which are...

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