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Articles in Vincentian Lay Missionaries

Israel Peralta: “The Greatest Strength That Misevi Has Is The People That Are Part of it”

Interview with Israel Peralta, the current president of MISEVI (Vincentian Lay Missionaries) in Spain.

Helping People with Disabilities Lead a Dignified Life with Relative Autonomy

Read about Delmy Ruth Lanza ministry in Bolivia, working tirelessly with children, young people and their families with disabilities.

MISEVI International Meeting, October 31 to November 4, 2018, in Valladolid, Spain

The Vincentian priests of Valladolid, Spain welcomed the MISEVI (MIssionarios SEglares VIcencianos) International Team with their warm and very generous hospitality.

From Bella, home from Kitale

We sure are blessed peoples!! Here is a video from this summers goodness in Kitale!

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