Daughters of Charity: The Beginnings

by | Feb 24, 2019 | Daughters of Charity, Formation | 2 comments

This video from the Daughters of Charity International helps us reflect on the influence that St. Vincent and St. Louise exercised jointly in founding the Daughters of Charity.

Some thoughts from the video’s description on YouTube:

  • God spoke to St. Vincent and St. Louise, not just in prayer and through the Scriptures, but also through daily events.
  • The phrase St. Vincent used “we must not anticipate Providence” was a way of saying that we should reflect on everything that happens during the day, in the light of the Holy Spirit.
  • Let us do the same…

See this video in other languages: O Começo · Gli inizi · Los comienzos · Les commencements · Początki


  1. Clara Scherr

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. s.clara,scl

  2. Goma Thapaliya

    3 years ago, I was taking a walk with my 2 years old son in the morning. The rain had stopped but was little chilly outside. As we walked, we saw lot of earthworms on the concrete sidewalk. We didn’t want to hurt them. So, we collected all of them as we walked. We wanted to put them on the soil as we believed it would be most comfortable for them. I had to gently put aside the grass and scratched the ground to create a small spot where all of them could fit. As I scratched, I found a shiny matter. My son was excited as it was shiny, covered with soil and rusty too. After our mission completion, I cleaned the shiny matter, it was the crown of Jesus on a rusty chain. I am a very spiritual person, born and raised Hindu, my best friends are many catholic nuns, so I have been keeping this crown with me and haven’t left any place without it any more. My son asked what was it as we discovered it, and I told him-that’s God’s way of telling you that you did the right job.
    I am a nurse and about 10 years ago, I was in desperate need of God. In my dream, I saw God was hidden among the poor, frail and vulnerable ones. So, I said let me serve you. I know St. Vincent de Paul believed that too. Coincidentally, I had a very special person who sponsored me to study at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in NY. These days, I thank St. Vincent de Paul for finding me. I see lots of blue birds and Red Robin’s as I walk and meditate. I am doing a NP program at Hopkins now. My goal is to welcome these aspects of life and hope in science and health care. God’s science is most powerful out of everything else.