Tell Your Story

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Formation, Social

Here’s a fine example of telling the story of your institution or project in a brief, but powerful way.

“Go to the peripheries!” Before he was elected Pope Francis, Jorge Cardinal Bergolio gave this talk to the Cardinals gathered in conclave in March 2013: “There is a tension between the centre and the periphery…. We must get out of ourselves and go toward the periphery. We must avoid the spiritual disease of the Church that can become self-absorbed. When this happens, the Church itself becomes sick… Between a Church that goes into the street and gets into an accident and a Church that is sick with self-referentiality, I have no doubts in preferring the first.”

Since its foundation, St. Vincent School of Theology tries its best to follow the same spirit. True to the gospels and the example of Vincent de Paul, our vision-mission statement already intends to pursue “a way of doing theology that builds on the religious experience and praxis of the socially excluded, and gears towards the evangelization of the poor.”

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