July 9: Feast of St. Francis Regis Clet, C.M.

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Formation

Queen of China Catholic Ministries has posted these videos on the life of St. Francis Regis Clet:

For more media resources about St. Francis Regis Clet, visit the following links on VinFormation:

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Photo: cammonline.org

At the time of St. Francis’ canonization in 2000, Father Thomas Sendlein C.M., then of the C.M. Province of China, wrote a beautiful piece for Vincentiana chronicling his Vincentian Chinese group pilgrimage to Paris and Rome. Here he describes a prayer vigil in preparation for the canonization:

“In Rome the Chinese group could feel the spirit of the canonization rising as we entered the Church of San Gioacchino, where the Vincentian prayer vigil was just about to start. From the side altar right next to the sanctuary, we could hear and see the ceremony and enter into prayer with the other members of our Vincentian family. As we sang, prayed and listened to God’s word together, one had a deep sense that the Vincentian Family was bigger than just one parish or just one part of the world. We were united in true family spirit both with those present at the prayer vigil and with those who could not be there. The ceremony brought together both the present and the past. The Vincentian heritage was being celebrated and being continued at the same time. This became more real as we gazed on the pictures of our various saints and blessed, which were being elevated in the sanctuary by various members of the Vincentian Family.”