How to Do a Facebook Audit in 60 Minutes or Less

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Formation, Social, Social Media

Brent Barnhart’s article on Sprout Social is a great little “quick and dirty” evaluation tool for Facebook.

No matter how you slice it, Facebook is changing and brands need to keep up.

Rather than worry about your content getting buried or losing followers in the face of the latest update, take action. Considering how quick and easy an audit is, every brand should conduct one from time to time to give themselves some much-needed peace of mind.

When’s the last time you looked at your Facebook performance in any sort of depth?

He outlines 4 steps:

1. Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

Filling out every field of your business’ profile might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many incomplete profiles are out there (even from major brands).

2. Take the Time to ‘Look the Part’

Although looks aren’t everything, your page’s imagery can certainly impact your ability to grow a substantial Facebook following. From establishing trust to capturing the attention of new followers, analyzing the aesthetics of your profile is a key aspect of a Facebook audit.

3. Figure Out Where Your Facebook Page Stands

Breaking down your current Facebook metrics is key to nailing down a content strategy. Whether you’re struggling with Likes or aren’t sure about your brand’s reach, your data can clue you in on what to do next.

4. Fine-Tuning Your Facebook Content Strategy

The final step of a Facebook audit involves making decisions based on the data you’ve gathered. Answering the following three questions can help guide your content moving forward and turns your audit into action.

Barnhart unpacks each of these four steps in an easy-to-understand, visual way. Check it out on Sprout social!

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