Does Any Of This Fit You?

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Does any of this fit you?

* you work persistently toward an outcome.
* you share your vision with everyone you can, even if that means you will be criticized
* you often feel dissatisfied and sometimes even outraged with the issues your community faces
* if you have a BOLD vision of what you feel it should be and communicate it with clarity and passion
* you are stubborn and relentless in your persistence, devoting time, energy, and effort to what some feel is a “hopeless” cause
* your passion for positive change drives everything you do.
* you are willing to stand alone and to feel uncomfortable and to be misunderstood in order to do what is right
* you embrace and empower people in your interactions
* when you leverage systems, technologies, and structures to accelerate your impact
* you forsake political correctness and pick the side you support, even when you are in the minority
* you don’t know whether to call yourself a blogger, a coach, a researcher, a teacher, a trainer, an encourager, a salesperson, or a counselor… your role will shift as much as the needs of those you are called to serve
* you know how to listen, study, and observe, and report, yet also know that “keeping quiet” is not an option
* you build solid relationships and partnerships based on trust and acceptance
* you strive to be self-aware and are eager to learn how to uplevel your personal development and expertise
* you are open, authentic, and vulnerable about your journey
* you dare say what others are afraid to say
* you are willing to ask tough questions and to act on the answers
* you are approachable and take time to connect with others because you recognize there is power in unity.
* causes of public concern keep you up at night and wake you up early in the morning
* you are not interested in creating followers, but rather inspiring others to become change agents themselves.
* you embrace the spotlight as an opportunity to deliver your responsibility to take a stand for your community at all times, in every way, and at all places.

Congratulations! To the degree the above fits you are an agent of systemic change!

These roles are fueled by a personal mission, personal values, and personal beliefs that can impact society in a positive way. This is a checklist of competencies so you can see that you are already a change agent, and recognize what you do to make your community a better place.

Accept the title of change agent!

Inspiration for this post The Postive Mom

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  1. Nenita Pateña, DC

    Thank you very much for this article. It is very helpful in our formation program for our students on Systemic Change. It is greatly appreciated.

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