On their Facebook page, The Vincentian Mission Corps wrote,

Our volunteers just spent a wonderful weekend with Sr. Ann Marie and the Daughters of Charity in Evansville reflecting on community and friendship. Our volunteers get to enjoy a weekend at the guest house every winter, taking a break for intentional community time. A highlight of the trip is always celebrating mass and having lunch with the retired sisters. This year everyone enjoyed the presence of a very tiny (and cuddly) retreatant.

Ministers need a break. This is adapted from “6 Signs That You Need A Break From Serving.”

Smart leaders understand that there will be a time where they will need to step back and take a break from their role. In the simplest form this is why our employers offer vacation time. They understand that we work better when we are refreshed.The same applies to church volunteers. Every now and again volunteers simply need a break from serving.

The author, Chase Snyder, outlined these six signs that I’ve adapted for Vincentians.

1. You Are In A Spiritual Drought

Are you lacking in spiritual passion, growth, and excitement?

Trying to serve the poor when you are spiritually dry means you’re trying to do God’s work in your power. This always leads to burnout.

2. You Dread the meeting of your group or society, or you dread the demands of community life.

Do you dread attending meetings with your fellow Vincentians?

Are you avoiding people when you walk in the door, hoping to make it to your group’s room unnoticed then slip out the back door when it’s over?

Whether there is a broken relationship, unconfessed sin, or burnout, dreading showing up fully causes negative emotions towards your brothers and sisters and the poor.

3. You Are Convinced No One Can Do What You Do

In your mind, you are indispensable. Without you, the church would fall apart!

When you start thinking you are essential it causes an arrogant view of yourself and leads to a small view of Jesus.

Don’t forget, Jesus is the evangelizer of the poor (not you) and He builds and sustains His cservants (once again, not you).

4. You Are Serving In Too Many Ministries

When you are spread too thin, you will eventually fail at all of your responsibilities.

It might be time for you to stop focusing on every ministry your group has to offer and see how God has uniquely gifted you to serve in one or two ministries. When you narrow your focus you are able to invest more deeply.

5. You Are More Concerned With The Process Than The People

When your focus shifts from ministering to the people to maintaining a program, you might need to take a break and ask God to give you a renewed vision and mission.

An easy tell is to ask the question, “Am I protecting the program or providing for people?”

6. You Are Unwilling To Submit To your group’s Leadership

If you are questioning every decision simply because you don’t want it done “their way” then it is time for you to take a step back from serving.

There is no room for pride in the Vincentian Family.

Chase goes on to suggest remedies. Read them as he applies them to Church and then apply them to your Vincentian ministry. Write down your answers. Share them with your group. Rewrite them. Send them to .famvin.

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