The Commitment, Courage, and Stamina of St. Louise de Marillac

A presentation about the numerous ministries or works which St. Louise planned, executed, and developed.

Each Approach Is Necessary

An image each Vincentian should consider! It is a simple image of people imperiled by a river flooding out of control. Read on to learn how a Franciscan uses that image to explore various approaches to saving people.

The Forgotten Part of “What Must Be Done”

When St. Vincent asked  “What must be done?” he looked beyond what was always done. Is there a better way of doing what we have always done?

Vincent de Paul’s Pastoral Strategy In the 21st Century?

On the anniversary of the establishment of the Confraternities of Charity, I am struck by a still under the radar phenomenon springing up among Vincentian laity in various professions.

Am I a Person of Desire?

Are We Loved Enough?

Will we stand alone, or will we stand with others, being a part of what is good in them, being more together than ever we could be alone? Our sisters and brothers in the body of Christ touch us, change us, soften us, and call us forward with their love.