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St. Louise de Marillac: Organizational Genius

St. Louise de Marillac was a pioneer social worker, educator, and advocate. Her projects were implemented according to surprisingly modern standards of care and were the basis for other developments in their respective fields.

Elizabeth Seton: A Spirituality for Mission

A SlideShare presentation based on an article by Sr. Gertrude Foley, S.C. looks at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s “spirituality for mission”… a guide for present-day Vincentians to avoid some of the ways that we block our own effectiveness as servants of God.

From Awed Followers to Courageous Missioners – Getting Practical

On Pentecost, they received the gift of God’s Spirit and they realized they had a mission to accomplish. Pentecost changed them… but not fully. As we have seen in the readings of the Acts of the Apostles they still had a lot to learn about their mission.

Vincentians Need A Break From Serving

On their Facebook page, The Vincentian Mission Corps wrote, Our volunteers just spent a wonderful weekend with Sr. Ann Marie and the Daughters of Charity in Evansville reflecting on community and friendship. Our volunteers get to enjoy a weekend at the guest house...
Are We Loved Enough?

Are We Loved Enough?

Will we stand alone, or will we stand with others, being a part of what is good in them, being more together than ever we could be alone? Our sisters and brothers in the body of Christ touch us, change us, soften us, and call us forward with their love.

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