“Thank you” Goes a Long Way

by | Jan 28, 2018 | Formation, Other Branch News

Saying thank you is slowly slipping away. Don’t let it happen to you!

Even though a thank you sometimes doesn’t elicit the customary response (instead of “you’re welcome!” it’s more often than not, “No Problem”! Really?) it’s part of being receiver and a giver. Facebook — where a lot of Vincentian donors make contact with us — is a place to say thank you. Pictures and words together can be a nice combination. Even though they had said thank you individually at a fundraising event, the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers just put up a charming little note:

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who came out to support CVV on Sunday Most Precious Blood Catholic Church Denver. We had a blast and because of your generosity, we’re headed to the border in a few short weeks! #Pancakes #Oursupportersrock

Maybe I’ll send them some money?!