Not Reaching your Instagram Audience? Try #hashtags!

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Formation, Social Media

Tailwind blog has some new insights on using hashtags on Instagram. We can always use a new angle to increase viewers.

The key pieces:

The key is to think about what kind of content people want to see for any given hashtag. Create hashtag lists for each of the different types of blog posts and Instagram updates you publish. Create as many as you need, but don’t forget to review them in the context of every post you schedule.

It’s easy to remove a hashtag or two if it’s not 100% relevant – and well worth a second or two of your time to avoid the kind of negative engagement you’ll get if someone feels like you’re spamming their feed!

Now is the time to be more particular than ever about which hashtags you use on every single Instagram image you send out.

Read the whole article, “How to Reach a New Audience with Instagram “Follow Hashtags”,” by clicking here. How do you think this could be useful to you?

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