New: Instagram Topic Channels

Why do I talk about Instagram and not SnapChat? Because every demographic needs their social media channel where I don’t bother them!

Instagram Tips

To create engaging content on Instagram, show users how to fulfill the mission in their life. Friends like to get ideas and see what strategies that they use fit with yours…

Not Reaching your Instagram Audience? Try #hashtags!

Tailwind blog has some new insights on using hashtags on Instagram. We can always use a new angle to increase viewers. The key pieces: The key is to think about what kind of content people want to see for any given hashtag. Create hashtag lists for each of the...

THINK ABOUT: Instagram as a “web site”

Leave it to Ikea to do something simple but innovative. With the help of an ad agency, the Russian division of Ikea launched its new PS 2014 collection using Instagram as a website. If you followe ikea_ps_2014 on your Instagram app, you’ll see 12 images— 6 of which...
A Micro-blogging platform? Instagram!

A Micro-blogging platform? Instagram!

So you are thinking about writing a blog and it seems daunting. You like taking pictures. Micro-blogging on Instagram might be for you. Lorelai Gilmore  says, Everyone has heard of blogging platforms, obviously. Generally speaking, people would say WordPress, Blogger,...