A Micro-blogging platform? Instagram!

by | Aug 22, 2017 | News, Social Media | 1 comment

So you are thinking about writing a blog and it seems daunting. You like taking pictures. Micro-blogging on Instagram might be for you.


Lorelai Gilmore  says,

Everyone has heard of blogging platforms, obviously. Generally speaking, people would say WordPress, Blogger, and Squarespace are the main platforms that people use to write and publish blog posts.

But lately there has been a trend towards using traditional social media as more of a blogging platform. It’s being called microblogging, a term often applied to Tumblr blogs, and is generally a short-form way of sharing updates.

Typically speaking, you either have a blog or a microblog. You’re either a full-on lifestyle blogger, for instance, or considered something like an “Instagram influencer.” But lately I’ve seen more and more bloggers using both types of platform for maximum exposure.

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  1. Dee Mansi

    Great share Aidan! As a former social media troglodyte, I lately came to Instagram a few months ago and already can see the benefits for sharing. This article should prove useful in my next phase!