Three Days at #CSTHomeless* on Twitter

by | Dec 5, 2017 | News, Social, Social Media

*Symposium on Street Homelessness and Catholic Social Teaching, convened by The Institute for Global Homelessness, Center for Catholic Studies of Durham University (England), DePaul University (USA), Niagara University (USA) and St. John’s University (USA) in Rome, Italy from November 29 – December 2, 2017 used this hashtag.

Grateful for the opportunity to participate in #CSThomeless Symposium on Homelessness and Catholic Social Teaching. Also enjoyed providing graphic note taking for such an important topic. I don't get to draw often, but when I do I absorb/retain a lot more.

Great piece @helenjonesradio @ShelaghFogarty on Sunday's #daybreak about #CSThomeless really interesting and horrifying in equal measures #bbcmerseyside

From the @LoyolaIPS "You don't see this every day" file: a Vatican official, a religious sister, & a man formerly forced to the streets addressing theologians, practitioners, & policy-makers together in the shadow of St Peter's dome. #CSTHomeless #loyolaips

@AnnaRowlands1 What worries me is that neo liberalism is only a symptom.
Land commodification is at the heart of the evil
& that's been going on since Cain killed Abel.
It's TheSystem of property
…creating wealth for some
& poverty for others.

Dr Toussaint Kafarhire Murhala SJ -
60,000 children are on the streets of Nairobi.
Everyone on the streets has a story - They did not set out to be on the streets.
#CSThomeless @IGHomelessness

Simposio sobre la falta de vivienda y la Doctrina Social Católica en Roma, Italia vía @famvin Ha sido un tiempo de compartir y reflexionar sobre el sinhogarismo a nivel global. Muchas gracias!! @IGHomelessness @IgnacioEissmann @solidariaccion #CSThomeless

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