Institute of Global Homelessness

What Must Be Done to Confront Global Homelessness? (Video presented at DePaul University)

What concrete steps can we take today as we seek a world where everyone has a stake in their community and a place to call home? In this video, Mark McGreevy (Depaul International) uses the analogy of an overflowing bathtub to help us think about the problem of homelessness. This is followed by presentations by Lydia Stazen (Institute of Global Homelessness) and Yasmine Cajuste (FamVin Homeless Alliance).

More on Homelessness: The IGH Hub Resource

IGH is committed to assisting 150 cities end street homelessness by 2030 through partnerships with a number of local, national and regional organizations across six continents. This deadline aligns with existing global targets, including the UN Sustainable Development...

Three Days at #CSTHomeless* on Twitter

*Symposium on Street Homelessness and Catholic Social Teaching, convened by The Institute for Global Homelessness, Center for Catholic Studies of Durham University (England), DePaul University (USA), Niagara University (USA) and St. John's University (USA) in Rome,...

Symposium on Street Homelessness and Catholic Social Teaching in Rome, Italy

Practitioners and theologians have come together in Rome, Italy to discuss global street homelessness in an event hosted by DePaul University's IGH, Depaul International, Niagara University, St John's University, and the University Durham's Centre for Catholic...