Vincentian Family: Reveal God’s Love to the World!

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

In a talk for the Association of the Miraculous Medal at one of their International Encounters, Andrés Pato, C.M. spoke about Vincentian Spirituality. Read and share inspiring quotes from this talk, in the following presentation.

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“It has as its source the mystery of the Incarnation. And it is characterized by the encounter with Christ through the poor. Christ reveals to us the infinite love of God for all human persons; he is the incarnation of that love and he knows that he has come into the world to save them, and not to judge nor to condemn them. The characteristics of this Vincentian Christ, the point of reference for our spirituality, are ‘Adorer of the Father, Loving Servant and Evangelizer of the poor’ and we who want to follow him and ‘continue his life and his mission’, must incarnate these characteristics.

Only the perspective of faith allows us to discover, and recognize Christ in the poor, and to serve them with the same enthusiasm: ‘when we serve the poor we serve Jesus Christ… and that is as true as that we are here’. (St. Vincent XI, 240)

…The spiritual life encompasses the whole existence of the Christian. It does not consist only in pious practices, but rather must inform and direct our whole life as well as all of our relationships with other persons and reality.”

Andrés Pato, C.M.
AMM International Encounter
Rome, October 23, 2001