Putting faith in action

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 Dear Vincentian Brothers and Sisters:  Let us pray for the entire Vincentian Family around the world and pray for our priests, deacons, bishops, archbishops and Pope Francis.  We are truly blessed to have clergy and religious on our paths to holiness.  There are so many people leading by example, we have good role models.  I will keep you in my prayers and I also pray for the different levels of SSVP as many face difficulties and the burden can be heavy.  May your see all the miracles in your life and may God Bless your week.

The Light of Faith was the first Encyclical letter of Pope Francis after only four months after beginning his pontificate.  Lumen Fidel (The Light of Faith) is addressed to Bishops priests and deacons, consecrated persons, and the lay faithful.  That pretty much covers all of us.  There are four chapters; “We Have Believed in Love”, “Unless You Believe, You Will Not Understand”, I Delivered to You What I Also Received”, and God Prepares a City for Them”.  In the introduction the Holy Father explains, “In God’s gift of faith, a supernatural infused virtue, we realize that a great love has been offered us, a good word has been spoken to us, and that when we welcome that word, Jesus Christ the Word made flesh, the Holy Spirit transforms us, lights up our way to the future and enables us joyfully to advance along that way on wings of hope.”  The encyclical will be available in September.  The initial draft was written by Benedict XV1 when he was still Pope and Pope Frances has added his own contributions to the draft.  It sounds like something we will all want to read.

Our Faith in Action – “Putting our Faith into Action”, is an awesome theme for us to live by.  We enter into our work with faith.  Serving Jesus in those who suffer is living our faith and this pleases God. (Read James 1:21-24)  We know, it pleases God when we live our faith.  We hear the Word and we strive to live it.  This is putting our faith into action.  We cannot sit on it, we must let it live.  Faith without action is dead.  We must be doers of the word and not just hearers.  The word is for all of us, not just a few.  Ignite your faith and be Church by transforming your community.  Let your light of faith be seen by all those God places before you.  You will be better for it.  Feel God’s presence as you put your faith into action.

Get ready and Come to the Feast.  The Eucharist is the real presence of Jesus Christ.  Each time we celebrate His passion and resurrection in the Eucharist we become one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we are ready to feast on the rewards. One of the rewards is sanctifying grace.  Our sin could never be forgiven without this grace.  It is the presence of God in us.  While reading the Gospel of Matthew 22: 1-14 I reflected on the parable of the banquet and being invited to the feast, only to read that many are invited, but few are chosen.  We cannot just be hearers of the word, but doers.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real thing and we must be ready each day.  We may think we are doing well and there is no need to change, but think again.  We must be open to everyone and invite them to the feast.  We are working each day to live the word and come to the great feast.  You must be willing, as you read Matthew again, you will see God is not going to drag us to the feast, we must be ready.  We are all invited.  We enjoy this banquet feast of Christ and we want our family, friends and all we meet to come to the Feast of the Lord.  Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.  Be a Eucharistic person and come to the feast.

Spend some time this week journeying through Scripture.  Pray the Rosary and feel Mary’s presence beside you.  Also take the time to visit www.famvin.org/en .  I hear from many of you who visit and the treasures you find.  It will give you a great deal of information and Spiritual pleasure.

Pray for all in need.  Our prayers are as important as our visits.  Your visit doesn’t end when you leave the door, the hospital room or the prison cell.  We must carry those God places before us in our hearts and prayers.  My prayers are with you and may you always feel at peace.  Trust in God, Pray always and things will be well. By depending on God and placing our hope in his love, hope becomes trust. And trust becomes peace.



Lynn  L’Heureux is Special needs co-coordinator & Advisor of the Society of St Vincent de Paul Calgary Alberta Canada.