Now on Social: Facebook Live for Pages

by | Jul 18, 2017 | News, Social, Social Media

Everyone’s enamored with Facebook Live! Even if it has provoked online inanity, it’s a useful tool!

And now, Facebook Live is available for pages. Say you have a page set up for your group and you are the administrator. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “pool of reporters” to cover your event? Well now you can!

Facebook Page administrators, in addition to the other Page Roles, can now designate individuals as Live Contributors to give them the ability to go live on behalf of a Page.

  • Pages now have the flexibility to allow individuals to contribute great live content, while keeping the Page secure and maintaining control over the rest of their content.
  • Live Contributors do not have access to administrative functions of Page – only the ability to go live on the Page.
  • Live contributors can go live on the iOS and Android apps.

Want a “three-camera shoot”? Assign three Facebook Live Contributors, then download the video and edit it later. It won’t be studio quality, but with the high resolution cameras in most smartphones and with a better microphone (I use the Olympus ME 51S – a steal at $31.99), you can greatly improve the quality of recording.

Want to find out how? Read the Facebook Media Guide “Live Contributor Role Tutorial” and get to work!

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