Online Fundraising: Communicating Urgency

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Social, Social Media

More and more we’re relying on social media as a large part of our fundraising efforts. You want a response. You want to create urgency. Consider these key elements whenever you’re designing a fundraising campaign.

So it’s your job to compel a supporter to act now. Not tomorrow, not next week.
But how do you convey urgency without being pushy?

  • Talk about the most important thing: them

  • Talk about urgent news

  • Tell them what they’ll miss if they don’t act now

  • Tell them their impact will be doubled for a limited time

  • Tell them to do it NOW


Fundraising expert John Haydon says, “A simple way to create a sense of urgency is to use certain time-based trigger words in your copy:

  • Now
  • Quick
  • Instant
  • Hurry
  • Fast
  • Etc…”

Read his easy-to-understand and  insightful article, “How to Add Urgency to Your Fundraising Appeals Without Being Pushy” on his blog.