Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Serving with Love and Creativity

Two videos illustrate just a few of the many ways that the St. Vincent de Paul Society is adapting with creativity to this year’s realities in different regions of the USA.

Fundraising: How you might be killing donor relationships

Fundraising is a complex job, but it can be simplified. In order to nurture and grow a relationship, you have to pay attention to it. And if you’re like most people working in the nonprofit world, you’re so busy trying to hack through your “To Do” list that you don’t...

Facebook is Adding Donate Buttons to Charity Live Videos

There is a way for missionaries to do more of what they're not often too good at: getting people to donate! Facebook says it's in the process of expanding its Fundraisers tool to more than 750,000 non-profits, which includes the option to add a donate button to Live...

Online Fundraising: Communicating Urgency

More and more we're relying on social media as a large part of our fundraising efforts. You want a response. You want to create urgency. Consider these key elements whenever you're designing a fundraising campaign. So it’s your job to compel a supporter to act now....

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