Tracing the History of the Ladies of Charity USA

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In his reflection “Four Hundred Years Since the Birth of the Vincentian Charism: A Time to Remember, a Time to Strengthen Our Identity, and a Time for Prophecy” Fr. José Antonio González P., CM writes of our 400th Anniversary:

“During the time of this celebration, for what are we grateful? We are grateful for everything! We are grateful, for the life of Saint Vincent and his openness to God’s merciful designs for his life. We are grateful for the power of a creative charism which opened the path that allowed comfort to be communicated to the poor and hope to be transmitted to the Church. We are grateful for the perseverance of countless individuals and institutions, a firmness that was revealed when confronting difficult situations. We are grateful for the ministry and the generous dedication of so many men and women who clothed themselves in the Vincentian spirit and who knew how to become credible witnesses of that love which transforms everything…”

This week we would like to highlight an online timeline that looks back at the history of the Ladies of Charity of the United States of America. It starts at the beginning in Châtillon, France in 1617.

See the timeline here

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  1. Lucy Ann Saunders

    Thank you Father for the beautiful pictures and history of the Ladies of Charity. It is a special year and a special celebration for all of us as Ladies of Charity. Our heritage & legacy are more inspiring each time I read and reflect on the past and look forward to the future.