Vincentians Know His Will – Motherly Prayers

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Vincentians Know His WillMotherly PrayersThe Vincentian Charism Vincentians See a Need for Change

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast

Vincentians Know His Will

The heart of our prayer of petition must be what Jesus told us to pray the Our Father: and \Your will be done. We should want what He wants, knowing that His will is “good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2). Heavenly Father, give me a grateful heart for the sacrifice your son has made on my behalf and on behalf of the whole world. Let me live with a freedom that acknowledges what Jesus has done for us by His death on the cross. I ask this in His name, Amen. Vincentians can pray any prayer, but they should pray always and know God’s Will will be done in joy for all those who suffer.  We must be present to their need and accomplishments.  Once the Lord has led us to those in need, they are ours and we should treat them like family and protect them.  They are our friends and sometimes like family.  We do not proselytize.  We accept who they are and know they are sent by our Lord.  If the family asks me we pray together.  When I leave I generally say, “God Bless you!  I think I’ve told you about my Muslim family who has adopted Tony and I.  They are so thankful for what we bring.  The mother and I pray together.  They celebrate Christmas and they know it is the birthday of Jesus. I celebrate Ramadan and other feasts with them.  They know they belong and are no more embarrassed when we visit. The teenage girl used to leave the room when we came and tried to help the challenged child hide.  She no longer does that.  She hugs us, but is still a little reserved.  I hope we can make her feel more at ease.  She got what she wanted and more.  This family keeps me going and I feel truly blessed.

Motherly Prayers

Oh Jesus, bring me closer to your Mother, who in turn will bring me closer to you. Mary, as your child, I rely on your motherly prayers. Your whole life was devoted to making Jesus known and loved. Pray for me to love Him more this year than ever before. We stand in the middle of the presence of God and are not afraid because Emmanuel is with us. We are set free from fear because we know we are not alone. Recognizing that gift, then, we can become for one another the living Emmanuel. Our love can burn as brightly and consistently as the burning bush in which God appeared to Moses. We serve our friends the poor as we know they are the sheep and the lamb and Jesus journeys with us.  So we serve Jesus in love.  He gives us the strength.  We are His disciples and pray always for His sheep and the lonely lamb. If humility, simplicity and charity, which produces support, are well established among you, you’re little Company.

The Vincentian Charism

Vincentian Spirituality is unique and special.  It is however something we need to know. Vincentian Spirituality and our Way of Life Juan Patricio Prager, CM, Province of Ecuador, offered these five characteristics of Vincentian Spirituality during the Latin American Encounter of the Vincentian Family (FaViLa), Guatemala – March 19th, 2015. Saint Vincent had to answer: Who is Jesus? How do I follow Jesus?  What do you think? What would be life-style implications? These Questions are relevant today and should be studied and debated at all levels.  The youth is especially in need of this information.  We should share what we know “The prophetic character of the Vincentian charism” … when such a title is presented, the thesis that one hopes to develop is clearly expressed. “The prophetic character of the Vincentian charism” is an affirmation, a desire, a commitment. Is the Vincentian charism prophetic in today’s world? Will it be prophetical in the near future? I believe that in this forum it is unnecessary to respond to these questions because our obvious response is yes. To respond in this manner one does not have to listen to this presentation (or read these pages). On multiple occasions the Church (and society) has recognized the person and the charism of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac; in fact they have been named the Universal Patrons of Charity.

Vincentians See a Need for Change

If you look back to the day you agreed to be a Vincentian and shared your story, it would be a little different in some stories. If you told a story about your first visit to those who are new and are a little not sure if they can do it.  We will also have ones that are ready to plunge in and are sometimes wrong.  We need to always teach the Charisms and the hard work.  It is difficult to do a first visit and can also be a little intimidating. We go out in pairs and for new people if they share the first visit and others until the newbie is excited and really gets it.

I usually ask new Vincentians at training if they are doing it because they want to feel good.  My answer to them is to pray about it because our goal as a new Vincentian and an old one is to make those we serve feel good.  Yes we may get a feel good reward, but don’t expect it.  Be joyous when it comes and it will.  Secondly I believe we must assign a mentor to each new Vincentian.  At meetings they can discuss what is not understood after the meeting.  The new Vincentian should write down their questions.  Once you are partnered you should journey with them and take them to other level meetings and you should arrange for funds to send both mentor and new Vincentian to the National Assembly.