How Can I Learn About Systemic Change?

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Formation, Systemic change

It is one thing to urge members of the Vincentian Family to incorporate systemic change thinking and practice into their response to Pope John Paul II’s challenge to Vincentians to find underlying causes and long-term solutions to the issues faced by people suffering in poverty.

It is quite another thing to know how, concretely, to address them.

Aware of this, the members of the Systemic Change Commission of the Vincentian Family have been providing practical workshops on virtually every continent. In this process they have developed many tools which they make available as a Systemic Change Toolkit.

As you will see from the list of folders contained in this Toolkit they have covered just about every aspect you can think of. And they periodically add more.

The Commission regularly updates much of the material, typically following a workshop somewhere in the world, because the material is often adapted for use in a particular culture. Much of the material is already in several languages, and the goal is to have everything available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (at a minimum).

They invite you to visit this collection of documents, PowerPoints, and videos.

The point is that these materials are available for public use, and we encourage .famvin readers to use them to promote systemic change thinking, a major thrust of the entire Vincentian Family. Click on the links below to explore this rich resource.

See also the listing of over 200 additional resources (within the XIX. Additional Material folder)