Sisters of Charity Renew Their Vows This Week

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Formation

December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, is the traditional day on which Sisters of Charity reaffirm their vows. For example, the Sisters of Charity of New York:

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Sister Karen Helfenstein, SC shares:


Religious life frees me to be available to people and to listen to their insights and stories of courage and hope as they discover their own inner resources. They help me to grow in my awareness and sharing stories we both find our way in the world. Religious life continues to stretch me to reach a level of understanding and inclusion of all people, even those whose company I may not choose or enjoy. Vincent de Paul’s universal charity for every person was the ideal that won my heart when I was young and pondering “to be or not to be” a Sister of Charity. In Vincent’s approach everyone counts. Each has a place, each of us can play a part, in extending the reign of God. Some provide direct service, some care for the sick, welcome strangers, visit the homebound or imprisoned, befriend those living on the streets; some teach, some influence those who are in positions of power in our city, our country, our Church. Some nurture relationships with those who can financially support works of Charity.

It’s a beautiful way to live my life.”