2016 Internal Seminary in Krakow

by | Nov 24, 2016 | News

poloniaTomasz X. Baluka, C.M., 2016 Internal Seminary Director, writes

The inter-provincial Internal Seminary started on Tuesday, September 20 in Krakow, Poland. Eight young men from three Provinces: Poland (5), Slovakia (1) and Sts. Cyril and Methodius (Ukraine, 2) responded to God’s call and stepped on the road to priesthood.

Since then they allow God to believe in himself and his Word, which came to them, unveiling the way of Vincentian vocation. Currently, seminarians are in the process of discerning what God really expects of them. Therefore, in coming months the time of the Internal Seminary (novitiate) will be filled with prayers, reflections, self-evaluation, community life. When this year of trial comes to an end they will be prepared to give concrete response to God if they want to dedicate their lives to faithfully follow Jesus according to the example of St. Vincent de Paul.

After the feast of St. Vincent de Paul they went to Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Shrine in Zakopane, at the foot of Tatra Mountains for almost two-week retreat. Back in Krakow, they started classes including history and spirituality of the Congregation of the Mission. Personal and community prayer, meditation, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and reading of the Scriptures fills every day of their initial formation. It includes spiritual guidance and regular meetings with a  spiritual director.

Sharing community life is among most important aspects of formation along with recognizing the charism of the Founder and the Little Company. Living in community teaches them how to love God and the neighbors especially the most needy. Under guidance of their Director candidates learn and share about their lives and experiences, watch how God acts in them and changes them. This is the most important stage of the mission, the Supreme Master, Jesus Christs prepares them for. What they have to do is to accept all God prepared for them when he called them. They are moving on, sometimes better, sometimes not. They are thankful to God for everything.

They get fortitude of spirit and mold their hearts in the school of Jesus and getting to know the Vincentian virtues: simplicity, humility, meekness, mortification and zeal, so they can try their characters to valiantly in the future to be able to compete in the mission of salvation among the Poor and indifferent persons in the modern world…

For Evangelizare Pauperibus Misit Me, to preach the Gospel to the Poor, He has sent me.

Let’s pray for these young men, so they will not give up this way they stepped on.


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