#famvin400 Unseen Changes, Unseen Pain

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Formation, Reflections, Social Media

Alienation makes for a different type of stranger. There are unseen wounds.

Reflection and challenge:

There are people all around us that hide their suffering: from poverty, from personal loss.

  • Can you draw close to this kind of suffering, or is it too scary?
  • Did you ever wonder how many stories like this Vincent listened to in his life?

Aidan R. Rooney, C.M. twitter icon @fatherratgmail facebook icon Aidan R Rooney


It’s hard to have strength when there’s nothing to eat
And it’s hard to eat when you don’t have the teeth
And how, when you lose the one thing you love
There’s nothing below and there’s nothing above.

I’ve been going through changes
I’ve been going through changes
I’ve been going through changes
With nothing at all.

It’s hard to accept what you don’t understand
And it’s hard to launch without knowing how to land
And how, when it burns, you can’t change a thing
You can soften the blow, but you can’t stop the sting

I’ve been going through changes?

I am still yours even if you’re not mine
I stare at the floor and I study the lines
Oh I took my place at the back of the crowd
Baby I couldn’t see, but at least it was loud.
At least it was loud.

And I’ve been going through changes?

And I know that I needed changes.
But not this, this is not painless.
Oh no, this is not painless.

Army Of Me – Going Through Changes