We are All Called to Sainthood

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We are all called to Sainthood. –  Are you ready to transform your life? – Christ is within you.

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast, Repost from April 2013

We are all called to Sainthood.

Feel Christ within you.  God will always place someone on your path that needs the Christ within you.  Smile it is a silent prayer and the beginning of a peaceful attitude.  Pray silently and recall the Gospel messages and bring them to life.  We should always think and pray before we speak.  It will save us a lot of misunderstanding and give peace to those around us.  This is one of the first steps to Sainthood.  Think first before speaking.  (By the way I need to practice this a great deal, I’m not there, yet).  God’s purpose for becoming Incarnate is grounded in the divine desire to love; to be everything we need.  Look for that joyful existence and be one with God.  Rejoice in His presence.  Know we are called to Sainthood and focus on that Joy.  A quote from Fr. Nathan one of my parish priests, “The one tragedy in life is never becoming a saint.”

Are you ready to transform your life?

Begin with God, know Him and love Him.  Let people know how His love is transforming you.  Tell people you love exactly how you feel.  Life is too short not to tell people you love them and how much God’s love means to you.  If nothing else, admit it to yourself.  Emulate Jesus by sharing your faith and using Him as our ultimate role model.  He has compassion for believers and non believers, let us do the same.  He met people on their level and loved them without judging.  They understood.  Look into the eyes of all we serve and meet them on their level, try to understand.  Let Christ transform us.  God exists in everything we do.  Let Him transform you.  Pray for transformation in your life and walk the path of sainthood.  Oh you will probably fall, but guess what?  We have a Savior who doesn’t quit.  He is there, healing our wounds and loving us back to the truths that change our life and the lives of those around us.

Christ is within you.

The power of the Eucharist is our special gift.  We come to our Lord with a pure heart and receive His body and blood and He is within us.  Live in Him and love in Him.  Let us openly display the joy of our faith; the joy of Christ within.  Evangelize yourself first and no matter how bad our day is or no matter how many tragedies we face, we will always have Christ within us.  We can continue on and be joyful.  In the midst of turmoil and sufferings we can bring the joy from within.  This is what we are called to do.  We bring this light of Christ within us to the homes, prisons and hospitals of all who are suffering and we share our joy and help to lighten the burdens of others.  Smile and you will see a smile return and their burdens will become lighter because of Christ within you.



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