Vincentians Bring Mercy

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Formation, Reflections


Vincentians Bring Mercy – God is Always on Time – God Calls us to Give Up – Vincentians Give Freely

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday August 2, 2016

Vincentians Bring Mercy When our hearts are not fully devoted to God, we are not truly committed to being holy. Mercy comes from deep in your soul and your heart.  This is where real change occurs.  We as Vincentians bring Mercy each day and we do not judge.  God has placed this gift on our hearts and He asks us to bring it to others.  So we do.  We are different from other charities.  We are called to be servants and the poor are our masters.  So we try to listen to their stories and not control those in need. It is a difficult job, sometimes, but mostly it is rewarding.  I have a family I have been serving and praying for and listening to for more than 7 years.  We talk and suggest how changes can be made and how we can help.  But mostly we talk about parenting and we pray together – a Muslim and a Catholic.  She feels great warmth when I pray with her.  She says I am more than a friend, I am her family.  I met her the day her mother died and she clung to me and cried.  I have been there for her ever since that day and we are family.  I really feel like her children are my grandchildren and I read books to them and we draw pictures.  They often make beautiful pictures for me and Tony is now included in this family circle.  I know this cannot be done for each family, but we can give of ourselves to those willing.  It is not always about food or money.  It is about noticing their struggles and doing your best.  Our job as Vincentians is to bring Mercy and God is Mercy and always with us.

God is Always on Time – God’s answers to our prayers are always exactly when and what is best and most loving. He really has perfect timing. Keep this truth always with you and cling to it.  We are never alone. Everything we do for others we do for God. Success belongs to God and is in His time.  Our hearts and minds have to trust God.  We are instruments of His love and His love is always there.  We are the ones who must keep Him in the picture.  This is why we need prayer and fasting.  Fasting is not just in Lent; we need to fast regularly to truly hear the message of God.  We must be patient as everything happens on God’s time.  Fasting is getting closer to God and keeping Him always in our hearts.  Fasting from food or luxuries is one thing, but the best thing is fasting from criticism, gossip and judgement.  When we fast, we pray deeply and God is with us in our decision making.  This is the best way to serve the poor, God’s poor.  He heals us on His time and He uses us to serve and love everyone in need.  When we don’t see results now, pray and trust in God.  He knows the right time for this healing.  This is why we try to become friends with our friends in need.  We cannot think of them as a burden, but we must lift every visit to God.  He will work with us and things will come together when the time is right and the change in them will then be permanently embedded.  God answers our prayers and the prayers of those we serve.  We are His children and we must be patient.  We can’t give up on anyone.  We are all a work in progress and God knows what we need and works his healing at the right time.  Pray and let God do His work through us.

God Calls us to Give Up – We often hear the words “Don’t give up!” It truly is exhausting when we keep things inside us. Mistakes we have made.  Harsh words we have spoken, words of anger and harshness to others. We need to give up our troubles, fears and failures.  Give them up to God.  My favorite saying is, “Bring it to the Cross.”  Sometimes it is such a relief, it can make us tremble.  When we are sincere, He knows and gives us the peace we need to continue.  Laying it at the cross in true sincerity is a sign of Jesus’ suffering.  We too suffer when we hang on to things.  Jesus always wants to help us. We pray at the foot of the cross and we ask Him to take our suffering for us and forgive us.  When we learn from our suffering we can use this knowledge for greater good, and to make our family, friends and ourselves saints. Then we give up everything to God.  He calls us to give up and He never fails us. “Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). What God has created, nothing can destroy or take away. He truly loves us so much; He gave us His Son who died on a cross for us.  So this is why He calls us to “Give Up”  So we must give up to Him.  I have a little cross I hold in my hand and I can rub it and feel the healing each day.  I know I am a sinner, we are all sinners and we need to give up.  Give up to God.  It is the right thing to do.  And you know you will feel better, because it is love – true love of God for us and those we serve.

Vincentians Give Freely – God gives freely to us daily.  One thing we should do in our freedom is to pray and to give freely of our love, time and service to God’s children in need.  Praying to Mary, our dear Mother and Queen of Peace to ask her to intercede for us to her beloved Son, so we can be graced with peace in our hearts and minds which our Lord can bestow on us and those we serve.  We are of course to forgive our enemies and pray for them.  My granny always told me to pray for those who hurt me and ask God to give them what I want most.  I didn’t understand this as a pre-teen, but I have kept those words on my heart and I am one who must ask for forgiveness when I hurt someone.  I also have to forgive those who have hurt me.  I’m not perfect.  I’m not a Saint, but am in training and I make many mistakes.  I know I am called by God and my discipleship is to give freely to those whom He places before me.  Our time is given freely and success is to the Lord’s credit.  He teaches us and leads us and this is why we give freely to others.  He is the God of Mercy and we are his Servants.  God will give us all the credit we need.  He will say to us, “Well done good and faithful servant” and this is our reward.  He helps in all we do.  He guides us and teaches us to give freely.  We feel His presence on every visit and see Jesus in the faces of all we serve and in our Vincentian and Parish families.  Thank Him daily for all He gives and go forth dear Vincentians to give freely of your time, talent and treasures to Jesus son of God. You will be the winner and know you are living your role as a Vincentian and disciple to give freely.

Blessings, Lynn