Vincentian Special Bond

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Formation, Reflections


Vincentian Special Bond – Vincentians Moving Forward – Vincentian Spiritual Growth – God Speaks to Us

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vincentian Special Bond – Vincentians are blessings in our troubled world where it seems not many people care.  We serve through the remarks of criticism of serving our own people first.  My answer is they are all our people, God sent them to us.  I think we need to reflect on the blessings we receive and give to others.  Sometimes it does feel like a burden and then you see the smiles on little children when we’ve brought them their favorite cereal.  We also feel the love of those who are now working and have begun to find their way in a new country.  Sometimes our work becomes ordinary and even a little mundane.  Get on top of this feeling immediately.  Sit in silence and reflect on four questions: “Do I make myself present to each person I visit?”  “Do I make a difference?” “Do I share the blessings God gave me to give?”  “Am I giving them hope?”  While reflecting on these questions bring a notebook to your silent sessions with God and record what He says to you.  This time in special prayer and reflection will give you much wisdom and grace.  We must always feel joy at each visit with people in need.  We do not feel joy for ourselves, it is not always about us, but in the friends we visit.  We see their joy and we rejoice.  I cannot imagine a life without serving the beautiful friends in need, God places before us.  Pray always.  He loves us all and has given us a special bond with the poor.

Vincentians Moving Forward – Complaining can become a habit and it can soon burden our spirits—and our friends the poor. When we’re going through tough times, some amount of struggle and grief is to be expected. But as people of faith, we know that at some point we need to let go of the grieving and move forward with grace. Just as spiritual blindness can be far more devastating than the loss of physical sight, so is having our vision of God’s grace restored bring healing far beyond the physical. We see hope where once we knew only despair, and more than that we see new ways to communicate that hope to others. We look with new eyes on the people around us and see how they, too, are children of God. God completely loves you, His adopted child, no less than His begotten Son Jesus!  Carrying this goodness we can continue to serve those in need with joy and the knowledge God is with us, loves us and those we serve.  We move forward with all the love we can muster up.  We are Vincentians, called to be servants.  We will never be abandoned.  So put discouragement aside and embrace the challenges you face.  God will always do good for you and give you this good to bring to others. Has God ever let you down?  Reflect on this and go forward with confidence and the knowledge, God will never let you down.

Vincentian Spiritual Growth – We need to trust, know and learn from the Old Testament.  Think of how obedient the men and women were.  God does not call us today to do the same tasks, but He does call us.  His call is to serve the poor, the lonely, the sick, the imprisoned and anyone in need. We are called to show His Mercy to others without judgement.  We are called to give the best of us and what we have.  He didn’t call us to build an ark, but we have to trust just as Noah did.  We are teaching others of the good works God calls us to.  We must grow spiritually to do His work well.  Sometimes trust is a difficult thing.  God trusts us to be His servants to the poor He places before us.  Trust in Him and trust in the Trinity to help us.  Trust and perseverance go together and will always build our spiritual growth.  Never quit, He is with us.  A soul that trusts in God is invincible. Our Spiritual growth is about forgiveness, especially in you.  Sometimes, there is nothing harder in life.  We must say “Yes” when He calls us to forgive.  Forgive with your heart and trust in God.  Spiritual growth is in you and you will bring this to those your serve and to your Vincentian Family, parish family and the family God has given you in love.  Know our faith and know Scripture and then put it into practice.  This is our spiritual growth.  Trust in God.  His mercy endures forever.

God Speaks to Us – Once again we must find our silent spot.  In all our concerns and faults, PRAY and tell God how much you love Him.  We all need to know feel and hear we are loved. He needs to hear you love Him. Sometimes we forget to say, “I love you” in our prayers.  Let the Trinity know you love all three persons in one.  Even when we do not get rid of our problems, we do become closer.  Take the time to talk to God and let Him speak to us.  In or prayers we ask for help with those we serve.  We pray not to judge and love sinners.  We are all sinners and God forgives us always and so we must do so as well.  Pray for those in need.  Be loving and kind to them and turn them over to God to help us.  Ask Him for the words.  Family life is the backbone of all we do and it includes our Vincentian Family.  Hear God speak to us and live His words.  First we must take the time to listen.  Anything can happen with God.  Know we will never be the same when we are touched by His words.  These are the words and love we bring with us to all we serve.  Each one is special.  God’s whispers are for all of humanity.  We will receive from God, the measure we have given.  We take the face of the Crucified Christ to all those in need and as God speaks to us, we speak to them and give them a second chance.  Mercy is loves second chance.

Blessings, May your week be filled with good things.  Pray always.  It makes a difference.