#IamVincent: Simplicity and Racism

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Watch this short video and then we’ll talk about the interface of racism and simplicity in the Vincentian tradition.

Can you see? Remember how Vincent talked about simplicity?

“He added that simplicity was a virtue that makes us go straight to God and to truth, without beating around the bush or being deceitful. “(CCD 11,24)

“Human prudence is opposed to simplicity. Simplicity causes a person never to use duplicity, to speak as he thinks, always to consider God, and never himself, in divine things, and to be mindful of God in the acts of religion and charity he practices.” (CCD 12,255)

“Do not be afraid of announcing Christian truths to the people with the simplicity of the Gospel.” (CCD 8,173)

Much more than merely withholding a word or an action, does not simplicity require an active word? Simplicity can never be found in not speaking or not doing. Be simple. It leads to right thinking, right action… and to effective love and justice.

When I am simple, #IamVincent. So are you.

These quotes come from Saint Vincent de Paul, Correspondence, Conferences, Documents, Volume one edited by Sr. Jacqueline Kilar, D.C., subsequent volumes edited by Sr. John Marie Poole, translated by Sr. Helen Marie Law, D.C., Sr. John Marie Poole, D.C., Rev. James R. King, C.M., Rev. Francis Germovnik, C.M. from the 1920 edition of Pierre Coste, C.M., and annotated by Rev. John W. Carven, C.M., New York: New City Press, 1985. They are available at the DePaul University’s “What Did Vincent Say?”

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