Revelation, Reflection, Learning

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Formation

revelation-mentor-featured-facebookSpend a few minutes with this meditation (slide show) on the different ways that God reveals Himself to us. Thank you to Fr. Bruce Krause, C.M. for providing this reflection.

God reveals Himself to us in many ways.

Long before we do anything, God moves to give us His gift of grace.

We can come to a certain knowledge of God through individual reflection and prayer.

However, there is a mystery to God’s revelation that often requires the assistance of another for me to better understand. This “mentoring”can come in many forms.

St. Vincent’s life was first and foremost experience. His example teaches us that by sanctifying our occupations (seeking God in our day-to-day ministry/life/work), we are able to grow and adapt towards the goal of building God’s Kingdom on earth, and the ultimate goal of eternal life.

Life lived in faith is an ongoing cycle of our actions/experiences, followed by prayer, reflection, and mentoring.




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