Vincentians of Wherever: Alexis Fuentes

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vincentians-of-wherever-alexisYou find Vincentians in cities, towns, schools, cafes… wherever. In a recent interview in a cafe in northern New Jersey, Alexis Fuentes, a former Missionary Cenacle Volunteer, spoke with me about her connection to the Vincentian Family and a bit of her life now. She’s a mother of four, thirty-something, and just now considering a return to ministry in the Church.

She connected coming out of college with the MCVs — lay volunteers who are in the Missionary Cenacle Family initiated Father Thomas Judge, C.M., and a group of lay women. You’ll sometimes hear her refer to the “Father Judge Apostolic Center.” Get to know Alexis…

#IamVincent. So is Alexis. So are you.

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  1. Theresa A. Panzera

    I spent a lot of time at FJAC even though I was somewhat older. It was a privilege to know Alexis and other young adults who took part in the programs. Now it is special to meet them with their spouses and their young children.

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