International SVDP launches Founders’ Award for youth

by | Oct 20, 2015 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

SVDP-internation-youthInternational SVDP launches Founders’ Award for youth.

On the occasion of the feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, the International General Council is launching a prize to reward young members of the Society. Karl Hila, International Vice President for Youth, addressed to all National Presidents to present the SSVP Founders’ Award.

Dear National Council Presidents, Peace be with you!

As we look back and appreciate the long years of joyful service to and collaboration with our masters, the poorest of the poor whom the Church loves, we also have to recognize as well the generous and heartfelt contributions of young individuals in this worthwhile endeavor and provide role models whom our young members can look up to. It is in this light that that we  are launching the SSVP Founders’ Awards to recognize and affirm outstanding young individuals in our   Society.

Sept/October 2015

To fully understand the mechanics of this award, we have attached its primer and application form. The awards to be given to the six youth and one youth minister is named after the founders of our Society as the legacy of their love for the people, especially the poor, and most of all, for the sign of their youthful passion and vigor in creating our Society, spreading its advocacy, and helping those in need.

As we celebrate this year’s Bl. Frederick Ozanam and St. Vincent de Paul’s feast day, thanking God for the gift of our organization, we also have to thank outstanding young persons that have contributed to the joy, success, and meaningfulness of the SSVP’s youthfull ministry. This is what the SSVP Founders’ Awards is all about.

Let me end this letter with the words of our first President General, our very dear Emmanuel Bailly  (March 1, 1844):

“The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was started by youth and is setup for the youth. Therefore its action holds for us a special virtue. A large part of the affection that the public grant the Society comes from the fact that they believe it to be largely made up of young people. For this reason, it is necessary to continue to find young members, be they from schools or other areas. It is essential for us that young people receive preferential treatment within the body and that they appear on the frontline.”

In St. Vincent de Paul and Bl. Frederic Ozanam, Karl Michael J. Hila

International Vice President for Youth

Presentation’s letter and application Form are available to download on the international website: