Ladies of Charity Collaborate in Formation of Seminarians

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featured-generic-lcusaThe Ladies of Charity website features a story about their collaboration in the formation of seminarians.

Two young men studying for the priesthood at Christ the King Seminary in the Diocese of Buffalo participated in the activities at the Ladies of Charity Center as part of their education. They offer these reflections on their experience:

According to Dan Ulmer, “What I find most amazing about volunteering at the Ladies of Charity is the number of people who are dedicated to serving the less fortunate. Their approach to focusing on the dignity of each person who walks in the door is inspiring and is a good reminder of how everyone should be treated regardless of their circumstances. It is a comfort to know that I can help future parishioners get in touch with the Ladies of Charity who will help them in numerous ways to get back on their feet.”

Michael Daum describes his experience: “The Ladies of Charity have had a great effect on my journey towards the priesthood. Some days you meet people who are homeless and are in need of clothing. Other days you meet generous people who are willing to donate needed items. Still other times you are working with the Ladies themselves to bring dignity to those who often do not experience it. In all these scenarios, one experiences an outpouring of the holy virtue of charity, which St. Vincent de Paul describes as ‘the cement which binds communities to God and persons to one another.’ In this outpouring of charity I have been able to clearly see the path that has been laid out for me.”


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