Registration news for Krakow, Poland 2016

by | Aug 23, 2015 | News, Vincentian Family


Dear Young Vincentians! Registration news for Krakow, Poland 2016:

We are happy to announce that we started our pre-registration for our Meeting in Krakow! Please use the form on the event’s official website to register your group:

The first phase – the pre-registration is to estimate the exact number of persons willing to participate in the Meeting. We need your pre registration to know how many places should we prepare in Krakow. At the end of September, we will end this phase and start the final registrations. But – we need you to register now!

Let us remind you that a separate registration for the main events of World Youth Day will be necessary, HOWEVER please keep in mind that we – organisers of the Vincentian Meeting, register all the Vincentian groups as a “macrogroup”. Consequently – you won’t need to register for the WYD, just inform us that you’ve decided to go, and we will create an account for you.

See you in Krakow!

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