Stop Calling People Out

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Formation

social-listening-574x270Stop calling people out. Call them in. Sharon Browning, well known as a speaker and educator in the Vincentian tradition, continues the theme of reconciliation begun by Fr. Tom McKenna in his recent post. Sharon founded JUST Listening, a movement which “fosters personal, organizational, and social change and transformation through the practice of conscious, intentional, compassionate, non-egoic and non-judgmental communication skills. JUST Listening provides a range of training, workshops, and services designed to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of the skills required to accomplish these goals. Individual and group coaching and facilitation is available for those seeking to improve work environments and effectiveness through enhanced, whole-hearted communication.”

I am noticing this gracious invitation to heal in the larger context in the news lately, a trend that fuels my hope for humanity. I wonder what seismic personal and social shifts might occur if we threw ourselves into compassion rather than judgment? Here is a sampling of seemingly disparate news stories and the golden thread of healing that runs through them.

She goes on to examine the power and the contemporary necessity of forgiveness. You can read her blog here.

sharonSharon currently provides JUST Listening consultation and training to a wide range of organizations. She is an attorney, former Executive Director of Philadelphia VIP, the hub of pro bono legal services in Philadelphia, and also taught for fifteen years in the Sociology Department at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia. She is a trained mediator, as well as a retreat facilitator, spiritual guide and teacher, focusing on the needs of marginalized individuals and groups.

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