Pope Francis – See, Judge, Act

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See judge actPope Francis – See, Judge, Act    A prominent theologian remarks on the structure of the encyclical Laudato Si of Pope Francis. He points to the See – Judge – Act methodology. The following highlights this methodology for the followers of St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam.

As I read this reflection I could not help recalling a previous post on FamVin news “To see, judge and act as Vincent”

First the comments about the Encyclical…

“The encyclical’s structure follows the methodological ritual used by our churches and for theological reflection linked to liberation practice, now assumed and consecrated by the Pope: see, judge, act, and celebrate.”

“he starts with the see: “What is happening to our common home” (nos.17-61). Says the Pope, “we need only take a frank look at the facts to see that our common home is falling into serious disrepair.” (no.61). In this part, he incorporates the most consistent data with reference to climate change (nos.20-22), the issue of water (nos.27-31), the erosion of biodiversity (nos.32-42), the deteriorating quality of life human and degradation of social life (nos.43-47), he denounces the high rate of inequality globally, affecting all areas of life (nos.48-52), the main victims being the poor (no. 48).

“…it’s now time for the judging dimension. This judging is carried out in two aspects, one scientific and the other theological.

The third methodological step is to act. In this part, the encyclical sticks to the great themes of international, national and local policy. (nos.164-181).

And now the study of Vincent…

As I read this reflection I could not help recalling a previous post on FamVin news.

Using the methodology SEE-JUDGE-ACT. Rev. Emeric Amyot d’Inville, CM  reflects  on “To see and discern the present day challenges from the perspective of St. Vincent” in this translation of a presentation from the Vincentian Study Weeks in Spain.

“This presentation is divided into three parts: (1) the formation of the vision of an apostle; (2) the process that enabled Saint Vincent to discern the challenges of his era; (3) the great challenges that confronted Saint Vincent.”

The See – Judge – Act Process on VinFormation

PS Philosophical Father of the See-Judge-Act , Léon Ollé-Laprune was much influenced by Frédéric Ozanam, who was a pioneer supporter of the workers democracy founded after the February Revolution of 1848. Ozanam had also been a lecturer in the French university system and it was his Christian commitment lived out in his lay life which most influenced Léon Ollé-Laprune.