social-storify~2If I can do it from the Bolivian Altiplano, you can do it, too!

It used to be that collaboration was a completely local phenomenon, but now — with the dawn of higher speed cellular communication — it doesn’t have to be. Right now, I’m collaborating with people in Spain, Poland, France, Lebanon, Haiti and the USA to help the Vincentian Family Connect with and Learn about their brothers and sisters in the over 200 branches in the Vincentian Family tree. If you don’t see your branch there, comment on this article.

This month social.famvin is looking at “Storify” as a tool for collaboration in ministry. Here are two fine examples: one from the Family and one from the wider Church. And here are two good introductions to Storify in English and Spanish.

And don’t tell me your connection is too weak. I did this using a cell phone on an EDGE/GPRS(2G) connection! So Tweet, Facebook, Gram, Hangout and Storify!