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What Social Media Can’t Do

Yes, there are things social media can’t do. Social media is not a solution, or a sure bet. Here are 7 cautions to ponder.

Making a Social Media Checklist

Social networks are constantly updating their functionality. If you want to stay visible you should make a daily checklist!

4 Things You Must Consider Before Building Social Video

The great part about social video marketing and trying something new is that you have the ability to test your strategies and make tweaks accordingly. Don’t be afraid to try things as long as you evaluate and analyze well!

Resources for Church Communications in the Digital Age (Stuff to Read)

In a great review of existing resources for communicators, Faith and Leadership of Duke University Divinity School lays it all out. Christian leaders -- like leaders in all sectors -- have at their disposal one of the most powerful communications tools ever devised....
Now on Social: Storage and Retrieval

Now on Social: Storage and Retrieval

You need storage for documents. People need to be able to read and download them. Here at .famvin, we use "" It's a web-based application that works in any browser. It allows you easily store and manage all your content online. It also lets you share files...