Vincentian Family in Nepal

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famvin logoWith the news of the massive earth quake and casualties in Nepal it is reassuring to note that the Vincentian Family has been on the ground there for some time.

But it is also alarming to realize that they too face the same dangers as the people they serve.

The Society of St. Vincent dePaul  has a relatively young presence in Nepal with 9 Conferences and 150 members.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have some early reports from their sisters  in Nepal.

Their Ministries in Nepal include

  • Rehabilitation of mentally-ill women
  • A school for physically/mentally challenged children
  • Schools for elementary through high school students
  • Non-formal education for village and street children
  • Adult literacy training in marketable skills in cottage industries
  • Centers for holistic care
  • Human rights education for women
  • Development centers which help women become leaders and transform the status of women in their home villages
  • Collaboration with various organizations
  • Other outreach efforts

 Here is a collection of earlier news items about the Vincentian family in Nepal

Nepal is located in Southern Asia between China and India. More than 26 million people live in an area that’s slightly larger than Arkansas.

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  1. Lynn L'Heureux

    Our prayers are needed. Pray always. One of our Canadian Vincentians was there for the last month, distributing gifts and teaching young women. Bringing gifts of feminine Hygiene products to distribute. She left one hour before the earth quake hit. I will be praying for everyone in Nepal and especially the famvin family. May God’s blessings pour on the survivors, and may His peace flow through all people.