Vincentian Family program recognized by Bill Clinton

by | Mar 7, 2015 | Vincentian Family, Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative

VFHI - ClintonVincentian-sponsored Pathway to a Better Life  (Haiti) Graduates Recognized by Former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

On February 23, 2015 in Lascahobas, Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative (VFHI) partner, Kreyol Essence had a very special visit from former U.S. President William J. Clinton. Kreyol Essence is a social business focused on exporting eco-luxury beauty products from Haiti. In a strategic move, VFHI financed a project to provide training for women that graduated from an 18-month poverty alleviation program, Chemen Lavi Miyò, CLM (Pathway to a Better Life in English).

VFHI at work

This program was a pilot of CLM Plus, a program designed to allow CLM graduates to flex their newly minted budgeting skills through increased income. Kreyol Essence, in partnership with a local organization, will train 23 women to produce castor oil for the international market. With this program, these women can participate in the value chain of Kreyol Essence consumer products.

This castor oil will be used in a number of beauty products from lotions, hair pomades, and fortifying concoctions sold largely on the international market. The Clinton Foundation financed the completion of the processing plant, which will improve the production capacity of the major supplier of castor oil for Kreyol Essence. The event celebrated the inauguration of the new processing plant in the Central Plateau.

VFHI products

The Clinton Foundation with a delegation of 20 people visited several funded projects. Other guests include Kreyol Essence beauty ambassador, Miss Haiti, Carolyn Desert, VFHI partner Fonkoze, and dozens of media outlets. The catered, musical, well-organized event signals a pathway to success for this CLM Plus pilot program.

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