Evangelization and lay Vincentian volunteers

by | Jan 11, 2015 | Vincentian Family

Practical Evangelization in the spirit of Vincent

Saint Vincent writes “It is not enough for me to love God if my neighbor doesn’t love him.” (CCD:XII:215) Indeed, we can ask what does it mean for us to love God if those who share life with us on a daily basis do not find us to be true evangelizers as a result of the attitudes that we communicate? We would become like the rock that causes people to trip and fall, we would become a scandal to those whom we are called to communicate the faith and the love of Christ and the Church.

The following presentation elaborates and can be used personally or in groups to reflect further.

As noted earlier in FamVin, “As part of their ongoing preparation to celebrate their 400th anniversary the AIC (Association of International Charities) offers this continuing formation reflection devoted to practical evangelization in the spirit of Vincent.”