How does a homeless man spend $100

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How does a homeless man spend $100? What would you do with $100? What the poor can teach us…   Are you one of the more 21 million people who have watched this video on YouTube? It starts out the way many would expect but turns out dramatically different than expected.

I suspect that there are many followers of Saints Vincent and Louise who have witnessed the sharing that often occurs among people who are on the margins. Yes, there are many who are selfish but there are also many who share what little they have.

PS See the NBC Today Show for a bit more background.

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  1. Barbara Garland. SC

    For three years I lived and worked in the Santa Monica, CA area. One day I was on the beach and I saw a ragged homeless young woman crying desperately. I was nervous approaching her — my preconceived notions at work — but went over to just put my arm around her. From somewhere a few other of the homeless population appeared. One young man said, ” Thank you, but we take care of our own.” That was such a reflection for me on the true meaning of community and solidarity as was this video. Thanks for renewing that deeply profound experience in my life.