“I’ll Just Come Down and Show You”

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Busted Halo“I’ll Just Come Down and Show You” – God takes on human form at Christmas — and gives us an example for how to live our lives

In classic Busted Halo fashion the post cuts through to the essence of Christmas!

From the post… A few years ago, I was trying to help a friend put together a cabinet in the basement of her new house. She was upstairs unpacking something else, so when I called up to her asking how a certain piece was supposed to connect, she started calling down directions. After several minutes of frustration with minimal success, my friend said, “Never mind, I’ll just come down and show you!”

By the time Jesus came into the world, God had already invested a lot of effort in offering directions to his people on how to love and honor him, and each other — often without success. There is a sense in which the Incarnation is like God saying, “Alright! I’ll just come down and show you!”

Be sure to read the whole post  http://bustedhalo.com/features/ill-just-come-down-and-show-you by Stuart Wilson-Smith, CSP