Transformative Aging – Thanksgiving and Elder’s Creed

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Family

Some have written about process called From Ageing to Sage-ing.”. Twenty four Sisters of Charity Nazareth above 65 years of age spent five days in prayer, reflection and retreat in Mokama, India from October 22 – 27, 2014 guided by Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN. The theme was, ‘Transformative Aging’. Some of the fruits of their prayer…


God our loving Father and Mother, thank you for gathering us for these days to look at the many years we journeyed. We realized that you were there at every turn of our life. You travelled with us through people, situations, events and led us by the hand to this day.

Thank you God for this faith journey. Thank you for assuring us that aging is a Call and Mission till the end. Thank you for reminding us to immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit till we will be born again into the arms of God. Thank you God, for cleansing us and transforming us during these five days, to face our mission ahead. Thank you for guiding us through Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller. We are indeed privileged to have her with us. Fill our hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit to be true witnesses to your love, care and to say “yes” till the end as Mary did. This we ask in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son, who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Lucia Thuluvanickel, SCN


  • I believe in my old age. I believe it is a call and a graced moment in my life. I believe I have grown, not only in age, but in wisdom, knowledge, maturity and life experiences.
  • I believe I can stand with confidence and face my old age with God’s support and assistance.
  • I believe in the Almighty God who takes care of me well in the ups and downs of my life journey.
  • I believe in Jesus Christ who upholds me always with his love and care. I believe in the Holy Spirit who inspires me and guides my path. I believe in my SCN family on whom I can lean when I am in need. I believe I can still contribute much to the world with my spiritual presence, God experiences and with my acquired knowledge and wisdom gained over the years from the SCN Family and my life experiences. I believe I can be a source of energy and strength for many who need it. I believe I can be a grandmother figure to many who need my attention, love and care.
  • I believe I can still light the world with my flickering light which is rooted in Christ’s love and nourished by so many people on the road of life. I believe I can still sing the song of love where there is hatred and disharmony.


Amala Valayathil, SCN

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