Wise Asset Management for Vincentians

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

Asset managementFr. Robert P. Maloney, C.M; Fr. Joseph V. Agostino, C.M and Sister Margaret Marie Clifford, DC. are leading a 4 day workshop on Wise Asset Management for Vincentians

The 74 participants  (33 C.M, 34 D.C, 7 Vincentian Family) have gathered in St. Vincent’s, Gopalpur on Sea, INDIA.

This is the first of a series of such workshops for the Vincentian Family on Wise Asset Management, Strategic Planning, and Grant-Writing –  announced by Father Gregory Gay, CM earlier this year.

“While the workshops are being sponsored by the Congregation of the Mission, we want them to be open to participants from all the branches of the Vincentian Family. We hope that these workshops will be a further way for the Vincentian family to collaborate, so that, working together, we will walk side by side with those we serve as they seek to emerge from poverty.

“In order to foster a participative, interactive style, we think that there should be 50-100 participantsThe local leaders of the Family could decide if others from outside the Family should be invited too. That might depend on how many participants from the Family itself wish to participate.

“These new workshops, which will last for four days, will focus on three topics: Wise Asset Management, Strategic Planning, and Grant-Writing. The topics will be integrated with one another rather than treated separately. An interactive methodology will be used, engaging the participants in planning and writing. We feel that, by using materials that the participants themselves write, cultural differences will best be taken into account. ”

Highlights and photographs  of the first  day come from Fr.Jolly CM.

“The workshop had a ready head start with prayer and mass and the inaugural session with the lighting of the lamp following Indian tradition. Then the different input sessions on theological context for advancement, Systemic Change, Stewardship, collaboration, Ethical directives, St. Vincent and finances followed in gradual succession enabling the participants to assimilate the contents and form their own convictions. A clear understanding of systemic change with its background and history has become vital in the formation of the Vincentians since a systemic change approach has become the paradigm of the social services of the Vincentian family across the globe. The concept of stewardship sharing the treasure that we are, the time and talents gifted to us are others was deeply convincing and helping to overcome our self-interest. The introduction to the Vincentian family showed the actualization and branching out of the legacy of Vincent De Paul in humble service to the humanity spread over to over 150 countries and there can be nothing more encouraging than this for us members of the Vincentian family. The afternoon sessions were on improving the asset- base to meet our mission needs through grant writing and the spiritual principle of fund raising is that money is for the mission and not for ourselves.

The planning and preparations for the workshop were exquisite with details including the floor management so that the workshop was smooth and with high decorum. The resource team did an excellent job in being patient and available for clarifications in presenting the ideas and drilling them into our concrete heads.”

See an earlier workshop on the same themes held at dePaul U.



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