“Living Lives of Love – Now in our 3rd century”

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SCNY new site“Living Lives of Love – Now in our 3rd century” tells a story that  has roots over 200 years ago. But recently the Sisters of Charity have started sharing that story in a new way in this digital age with a revised website under banner Living Lives of Love.

It is a story of thousands of lives serving God’s poor, a story of tough love and high standards, a story of caring and compassion. It is a story of needs met, difficulties faced, challenges overcome, societies changed—mostly, with little or no resources. It is a story of the marvelous mission of Charity—and with you, our partners in ministry, the story continues. Visit the Timeline on their new site for a fascinating overview of the various chapters.

The new sites is very attractively presented and easily navigated. Be sure to visit the new site!

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  1. Penelope Ann Zuntag, NYF '51 (Finnegan, Carter, Murphy, Dougherty and back to Carter with two female Dougherty repros thrown in for good measure)

    well………I see, first, the pic of Mother EAS………whom I’ve known since inutero and next to her is a pic of Sr. Charlotte who I knew fifty years ago. Sr. Charlotte doesn’t want to know my thoughts. But most of the others, dead and/or alive do and have wanted to know……..except Carol Burns, SC. HOWEVER, ALL the Bishops from Spellman to Cook to O’Keefe and then some have ALWAYS wanted to know my thoughts. Go figure…………… The days of NY Foundlings are OVER. Not many of us (or is it ‘we’?) Bronx Irish female ones alive to tell about it. I shall fill in my ‘details below’ because the Sistas have said “Fill in your details below”. xo