Pope minces no words

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Francis minces no words in Korea whether in prepared texts of off the cuff comments…

To  religious communities he said … “The hypocrisy of those consecrated men and women who profess vows of poverty, yet live like the rich, wounds the souls of the faithful and harms the Church,” —-

The Pope warned bishops to steer clear of a lifestyle and mentality based on worldly criteria for success and even power rather than the criteria Jesus presents in the Gospel

“Those engaged in pastoral work are often tempted to adopt efficient management, planning and organization models inspired by the world of business but also a lifestyle and mentality that are guided more by worldly criteria of success and even power than by the criteria Jesus presents to us in the Gospel,” Francis said in the second speech of his Korean voyage, which he addressed to the country’s bishops. He cautioned Korea’s rapidly expanding Church against falling into the temptations of triumphalism and following business models.

In another off-the-cuff comment, the Pope added that: “in times of economic growth the Church is tempted to neglect the poor and its vocation as a poor Church for the poor, relying on material things and organization.”

“Woe betide us if the Cross is stripped of its power to judge wisdom in this world! I urge you and priests to turn away from this temptation in whatever form it may present itself. I hope we can save ourselves from this spiritual and pastoral worldliness that suffocates the Spirit and replaces conversion with complacency and ends up dampening all missionary fervour!” Francis concluded.

Pope waves to the crowds from the back seat of a small KIA

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  1. Larry Huber

    Powerful words – not always easy to discern when resources have become more worldly than spiritual. Good reminder to keep focused on what’s important – in all our business endeavors!