“Giving Day” – what, why and how

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Formation

givingguideHave you ever thought of “A Giving Day”?  This is a focused 24-hour online fundraising campaign that can inspire greater giving and make a significant impact for the community.

A Giving Day expands your reach, generates giving excitement and encourages high participation when you offer matching gifts.

While there is “no free lunch” for such an effort there are some very practical tools available that take you through the steps that lead to success. Beth Kanter compares the process to what is involved in giving a party…

  • Timing is key
  • A unifying theme creates excitement and engagement
  • There are some key people you want in attendance to make the party great It’s got to be fun – games and activities can make a big difference
  • The execution details matter: flow, food, decorations, music Party favors (rewards) can be an unexpected delight
  • Sharing memories – stories, pictures – after the party keeps the good feeling going, and makes everyone want to attend next year –

The Network for Good has produced a wonderful resource in the format of an ebook.

Click on the graphic for more information about this resource.

Giving Day graphic



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